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No Bake Orio Custard Chocolate Cake

Baked chocolate cake without baking. The chocolate flavored Oreo biscuits that are available in the market are our favorite. We make fun with these biscuits.

No Bake Orio Custard Chocolate Cake.

Preparation time: 1 hour

Cooking time: 1 hour


Milk: 1 liter full cream milk

Sugar: Quantitative

Orio Biscuits: 4 packets

Chocolate: about 10-15 pieces

Eggs: 1

Custard powder: 3 tbsp

Butter: 100 grams

China grass: 10 grams


Biscuit cream should be kept separately and biscuit powder should be made.

Mix the butter well at room temperature and press it in the cake mold.

Refrigerate normally.

 Make custard cream

One liter of milk should be thickened with mesh.

The milk should be mixed with sugar. Add a pinch of salt.

Now you have to mix the biscuit cream well.

When mixed, mix three tablespoons of custard with cold water and mix it quickly with milk and mix well with an egg beater.

Butter should be divided into two parts. Most of the biscuits should be mixed with the rest of the custard.

Now cook china grass in only half a cup of water without sugar in another pot and mix it with milk.

When it is a little cold, take out the bowl from the fridge and pour it gently in the cold state.

Now hold the bowl and tap it a few times so that the cream sits properly in the bowl.

Refrigerate the bowl.

Make the top chocolate layer

Melt the chocolate in a hop cup of milk. To make the chocolate layer on top.

Gently pour a creamy feeling into the custard bowl. Garnish and serve.

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